Double the Cyberpunk 2077? Title Will Ship On 2 Discs

November 17, 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 fans were annoyed that the game got delayed until December 10. However, there is a lot of game to look forward to because it will be shipping on two Blu-Ray discs.

We know this thanks to Reddit user Mikeymorphin. His company received promotional materials for the game that allowed him to verify details like the December 10 date. He also got a look at the PS4 cover insert that mentioned a minimum 70GB requirement and the title coming on two discs.


Older gamers may remember the days of cramming large games onto multiple CDs or even DVDs, but Blu-Rays contain much more information than CDs or DVDs. If the game truly takes up two entire Blu-Ray discs, then gamers may have a truly massive experience waiting for them!

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