Dragon’s Dogma Anime Will Be Released on Netflix September 17

July 15, 2020

Dragon’s Dogma will get its own Netflix anime adaptation. The premiere will take place on September 17, but in the meantime we can see several screenshots and the first poster.

Here is the official description of the series from Netflix Japan, which shows that the beginning of the series stays true to the original source:

The Dragon that suddenly appeared after over 100 years burned the village of Cassardis to ashes. Ethan confronted the Dragon to protect his beloved family, but the Dragon took his heart. Although he appeared to have died, Ethan was resurrected as an “Arisen.” Alongside Hannah, a Pawn under Ethan’s command who suddenly appeared, he sets out on a journey to recover his heart.


During his journey, Ethan will battle demons that represent the seven deadly sins, but has no way of knowing that with every demon he battles, the more he loses his humanity…

Animation is done by Sublimation (Psycho-Pass, Weathering With You, Persona 5: The Animation). The anime is directed by Shinya Sugai (Walking Meat, Shikizakura) and co-produced by Capcom’s Takashi Kitahara and Dragon’s Dogma producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

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