Drop Your Gun and Get Your Lightsaber: New Unspoken Fortnite Rule

December 18, 2019

The recent Star Wars event didn’t go unnoticed for Fortnite players: now they are dropping all loot and fighting using lightsabers.

On Saturday, Fortnite premiered an exclusive scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and after that lightsabers with different colors became available for everyone. Who would have doubted that it would affect the gameplay?

A quick guide on how to find a lightsaber: you can get them from dark blue chests. They are located at the same place where regular chests are. Once you find the famous laser sword, you can choose its color (with no difference for gameplay except sounds). 


Players are now less likely to use guns to identify the winner, because now the end of the round may be more epic than ever. When two players remain on the map, a real fencing duel begins. Just check this out:

Well, most of the players are following this unspoken rule, but beware of those who still can shoot you.

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