E3 2021 Will Take Place Entirely Online in June

April 6, 2021

The Entertainment Software Association has announced the next E3 convention will take place on June 12–15, 2021. The event will take place entirely online and be made available free to the public.

While shifting to a virtual event is a matter of public safety, this is actually in line with the ESA’s mission of the past few years. While E3 was once limited to developers, industry pros, and journalists, it eventually became a mainstream event that is open to the public.

As an online event, it is possible for gamers all over the world to attend the convention without leaving their home. The ESA is promising the same combination of game announcements, trailers, and industry news that has always characterized this event.


Some of gaming’s heavy hitters have already committed to the show. This includes Capcom, Konami, Nintendo, Microsoft, Take-Two, and Warner Bros. It is unlikely Sony or EA will make an appearance, as they have avoided E3 for several years now.

Beyond those broad strokes, we don’t know much about the exact structure of this virtual convention. But we do know this is not a long-term change: barring any unforeseen events, ESA plans to make the 2022 E3 an in-person convention once more.

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