EA and Rockstar Employees to Work from Home Due to Coronavirus

March 16, 2020

Many major companies are going into remote work mode in order to try to stem the coronavirus outbreak. Now, Electronic Arts and Rockstar Games are the latest major video game companies to implement a work from home policy.

Electronic Arts has posted this information on their official website along with the postponing all live game events. So, events like Apex Legends Global Series, FIFA 20 Global Series, FIFA Online 4 Live, and Madden NFL 20 Championship Series are canceled until “the global coronavirus situation improves.”  Despite that, the company stays optimistic and “also very focused on minimizing any potential for disruption to [our] players.”

The same goes for Rockstar. Their official Twitter account has confirmed that the studio has “implemented work from home policies” across its international offices and studios. The company is going to operate all online games as usual.

The coronavirus outbreak has greatly affected the gaming industry: Microsoft and Bungie also decided to work remotely, and such exhibitions like Taipei Game Show and E3 2020 have been postponed or canceled.

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