EA May Announce the Return of a Classic IP In July

June 21, 2021

EA Play in July is going to have plenty of surprises for fans of the gaming giant. And now, we have learned that they will be announcing a new game reviving a classic intellectual property.

Previously, this was only the stuff of rumors concerning Star Wars Squadrons developer EA Motive. But after Jeff Grubbs of GamesBeat teased info about this, the whole thing seems much more real. “We’re going to see it… if we’re not dead first,” he quips in the video below.

On top of this, other gaming journalists (including those from Eurogamer and Video Games Chronicle) confirmed they had been hearing the same rumors.


But what classic IP are we going to get? Grubbs seems to imply it might be fan-favorite Dead Space. But we don’t know much beyond an October 2020 blog post from EA Motive General Manager Patrick Klaus. 

According to Klaus, the general goal is to “empower players to create, experiment, live and share their own unique stories.” And they want to focus on “aspirational games that push the boundaries of what players expect now and into the future.”

Honestly, that doesn’t sound all that much like Dead Space, but we’re ready to be surprised. Be sure to let us know what IP you want to see return in the comments!

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