Elden Ring Trailer Footage Leaks Online

March 1, 2021

Elden Ring has had a lot of buzz, but there is much we still don’t know about the upcoming fantasy-action RPG from developer FromSoftware. But thanks to some shaky-cam footage making its way across the internet, we now know a few more details.

In the leaked trailer for the game, the narrator says, “I can only imagine what drives you to seek the Elden Ring. I suppose you can’t be talked into turning back. Very well then!”

On Twitter, journalist Jeff Grubb declared that the footage is actually from 2020. But since fans have gotten so little info since Elden Ring was announced in 2019, even a blurry and outdated trailer is enough to get people talking.

The game was originally intended as more of a traditional fantasy game. But later developments made it clear that this game was now taking its cues from titles such as Dark Souls.

Aside from the exciting gameplay, the game sounds like it will have a killer story. Game of Thrones scribe George R.R. Martin helped consult on the game’s lore and overall narrative. Between challenging gameplay, engaging story, and direction from the legendary Hidetaka Miyazaki, it looks like this will be something special.

Unfortunately, game development was turned back thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic. And while the trailer is enough to build hype once again, we are unlikely to see this game come out anytime in 2021.

Until more details come out, we’ll simply have to scour this trailer for clues!

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