Elgato’s New Stream Deck Pedal May Revolutionize Streaming

January 26, 2022

No matter how much we improve software and hardware, streamers continue to face a basic limitation: they only have two hands, limiting what they can do at once. Now, Elgato’s new Stream Deck Pedal is going to change all of that.

What can you do with this pedal? To hear Elgato tell it, the possibilities are nearly endless. That is because users can assign different functions to the pedal and then activate that function with the press of their foot. Depending on what the user has assigned the pedal to do, this could instantly capture a screenshot, launch social media, or simply open a destination folder on their computer.


While these are some of the more mainstream functions of the pedal, it also has the potential to be a game-changer (so to speak) for disabled gamers. Because the pedal can be programmed with different functionality, it can serve as an additional input system for someone that may have trouble using keyboards or game controllers in a more traditional way.

The Stream Deck Pedal retails for $89.99, and Elgato claims it was built sturdy enough to last a good, long time. Will you be adding this device to your own gaming setup? Let us know in the comments!

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