Epic Games Store Is Getting Achievements Next Week

October 5, 2021

The Epic Games Store has had rocky experiments with achievements, with Ark: Survival Evolved serving as a kind of beta test of that functionality. Starting next week, though, Epic Games is launching the Epic Achievements system in select games, according to an official blog post.

Which Epic games are getting achievements first?

The list includes Hades, Rocket League, Pillars of Eternity, Zombie Army 4, Humankind, and more. With this achievement system, you can unlock experience points towards different four different categories of achievements.

What are the achievement categories?

You can unlock Bronze achievements with anywhere between five and 45 XP. You can unlock Silver Achievements with anywhere between 50-95 XP. You can unlock gold achievements with anywhere between 100-200 XP. Finally, you can unlock platinum achievements with a whopping 250 XP.


What happens to developer achievements?

Ahead of this rollout, certain games had a different kind of reward known as developer achievements. If you have some of these, don’t worry: Epic has verified that your progress will not be lost. Instead, your existing progress will be translated towards these new achievements, allowing you to hit the ground running once the new achievements go live.

When will more Epic games get achievements?

According to Epic, “We’re working to get these tools to more developers, so you can expect to see Epic Achievements popping up in your favorite games later this year. Keep your eyes out for more updates you’ve been waiting for as we drop new social features and player rewards later this year.”

Are you excited that Epic Games is finally getting real achievements? Or will you stick to chasing achievements via Steam or on console? Let us know in the comments!

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