Fortnite Getting a Street Fighter Crossover

February 19, 2021

It looks like the next big Fortnite crossover could be with Street Fighter. At least, that’s according to a prominent dataminer responsible for many leaks about the battle royale game.

Twitter user ShiinaBR posted a video that appears to show imagery and audio from the Stree Fighter series. The post, which is embedded below, appears to show the Suzaku Castle from Stree Fighter 2 along with music that is reminiscent of Ryu’s theme.

The data was taken from the in-game portal in Fortnite that contains information about the upcoming content. However, all of the other files in the portal are currently encrypted, giving fans no way of knowing which characters from the Street Fighter series might be arriving soon.

Despite having many different crossovers since its launch, Fortnite has featured very few video game characters. The two most prominent examples are Kratos from the God of War series and Master Chief from Microsoft’s Halo franchise.

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