Forza Horizon 5 Promo Video Shows Helicopter Dropping a Real Car From the Sky

November 9, 2021

Microsoft isn’t afraid to go to extremes to advertise Forza Horizon 5. And recently, the Xbox ANZ team dropped a Polaris RZR from 4,500 feet up in the sky to market this hot game!

Why this particular stunt? As it turns out, this recreates a moment from the video game. For added excitement, we can see a stuntman jumping out of the helicopter, showing off some aerial moves, and then hopping into the Polaris and driving off once he parachutes to the ground.

This stunt is merely the latest creation of Xbox ANZ, the Microsoft team with a focus on both Australia and New Zealand. This team has previously converted New Zealand’s Queenstown into “Greenstown” to hype the Xbox Series X|S. They have also made some downright strange products, including a greaseproof Xbox controller and an Xbox body wash (perfect for cleaning up after a hard session of gaming).


If you want to be part of the Xbox ANZ hype, just head over to Twitter and retweet the following message. Doing so puts you in the running to win the same Forza Horizon 5 helmet worn by the stuntman (a pro named Ossie Khan) in the video.

So, do these stunts make you hyped for Microsoft products, or should they just focus on games and consoles? Let us know in the comments below!

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