GameStop Cancels Late Night Launch Events for Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons

March 18, 2020

GameStop is the largest video game retailer and the COVID-19 outbreak is clearly not helping business — people are encouraged to sit at home instead of shopping. Now GameStop is canceling midnight release events of Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. GameStop stores had launch events scheduled for midnight on March 20, the day of both games’ release.

“Until further notice, late night launch events are suspended,” an internal GameStop memo obtained by Kotaku reads. “To maintain the health and safety of our guests and associates, it is best that we avoid situations where large numbers of guests are gathered indoors or standing in line.”

Additionally, GameStop employees have expressed concern over a lack of cleaning supplies. The problem is that GameStop can’t provide all stores with sanitation supplies though its standard delivery methods and asks managers to buy those supplies from local stores. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, they are instantly swept off the shelves.

Dissatisfied GameStop workers are discussing labor conditions at Reddit. Their complaints have already caught the attention of the non-profit organization Grab Your Wallet Alliance, which makes sure that corporations treat their employees with care.

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