GDC Announces Online Events for 2021

February 19, 2021

This year, the Game Developer’s Conference will hold a week-long event later in 2021 and two smaller shows next month. But due to concerns about COVID-19, the conference and all of its events will be entirely online.

Next month, users can check out the GDC Masterclass on March 4-5 and the Showcase events on March 15 and 19. The Masterclass is actually a series of workshops where users can learn more about the challenges facing modern game developers. The Showcase, however, is a free show where developers will offer lectures and question and answer sessions for fans of their work.


There will be a more traditional GDC conference taking place July 19-23, but it will also be entirely online. Despite being online, this event will offer the usual opportunities for developers to learn from and network with one another. And on July 21, the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards will take place, and nominations for the awards will be announced in May.

Obviously, the online format is going to make these events very different than they were in years past. But on the bright side, online events will make these events more accessible than ever before.



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