Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Standalone Release, New Rivals Mode Coming in September

August 4, 2021

For Ghost of Tsushima fans, the online Legends mode has proven very popular. That mode is now getting a standalone release, and players can look forward to a Rivals mode and other exciting new features.

As an online multiplayer mode for Tsushima, Legends lets players compete in a variety of modes. This includes two-player story missions, four-player survival modes, and even an exciting raid. If you already own Ghost of Tsushima, you can enjoy the Legends mode as a free content update.

If you don’t own the base game and just want to check Legends out, it will available in the PlayStation Store for $19.99 on September 3. Both PS4 and PS5 Legends gamers can play together. And any progress you make on Legends will carry from one console to another, which is great news for any PS4 players who end up making the upgrade to PS5.

While the standalone Legends is arguably the big news, the base Tsushima game is also getting an exciting Rivals mode on September 3. In this mode, two teams of two square off against each other. Each team is trying to clear all the waves of attacking computer opponents before the other team does. Beating opponents unlocks the Magatama currency that you can use to buy items to hurt the other team. Such items include Curses to drain enemy health. And you don’t really have an option to skip this part: players must spend a certain amount of the currency to unlock their final wave of enemies.


If you’re a big fan of Ghost of Tsushima, then it’s time to mark some dates in your calendar. First of all, the Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut comes out on August 20. It includes community-requested tweaks to Legends, variants of Survival Nightmare challenges, and new cosmetics for those Legends players who previously earned them via Jin’s story and New Game+.

On September 3, developer Sucker Punch is unveiling the Gear Mastery system for the main game. It allows players who have 110-level gear to bind that gear to their class and then complete Mastery Challenges. Players can also upgrade their Ki to 120, unlock a second perk slot, and unlock a bevy of new Abilities and Techniques.

Finally, players will be getting new content each week from September 10 through October 1. This includes new Survival maps, a new Rivals map, a harder version of last year’s raid, and more.

Whether you snag the Director’s Cut or just stick with Legends, now is the perfect time to dive into (or back into) Ghost of Tsushima.

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