Ghost of Tsushima: New Gameplay and Key Details

May 15, 2020

The latest issue of State of Play was devoted entirely to Ghost of Tsushima, During 18 minutes of gameplay, the creators told all about the main aspects of the game. We wrote out everything that’s important below.


In-game events are not tied to specific markers. The island itself directs the player through the visual guidelines. It means that you can call for a gust of directing wind that will lead you to a variety of locations, including the plot points.

Sucker Punch wants us to pay attention to the horizon: smoke clubs, unusual trees, and even animals could be a sign of something interesting. For example, foxes can show you the way to hidden sanctuaries and birds can lead the hero to secret places like destroyed buildings with rare resources. You can fast travel to the areas you’ve found.

Combat and stealth:

Jin can challenge the enemy to battle — it seems to be some kind of duel. Nate Fox from Sucker Punch says, “If you have ever seen a samurai movie, you know what to expect.”

To prevent the enemy from blocking your strike, you need to reflect his attack at the very last moment (hi Sekiro, how are you doing?). During battles, it’s also advisable to change the combat struts to deal effectively with different types of enemies (oh, Nioh, and you are here too?).

What about stealth? Jin knows how to distract and lure opponents — for example, by throwing fireworks. A smoke bomb can help Jin hide or provide an invisible attack. If you were captured, you can quickly kill your opponent by throwing a kunai before he raises the alarm.


As time goes by, the Mongols will be scared and run away, which works perfectly for you. Such things like a hook, that you need to climb and get to hard to reach places, need no introduction. 

Customization and armor:

Different armor provides different tactical options, so your samurai suit and stealth suit are two different customization features. Jin will look for omamori amulets that provide an advantage in combat and customize your skills whether you’d prefer stealth combat or head-on battle. Leveling is non-linear, which allows you to choose your style of play.

Photo/video modes and other cool things:

These modes include some standard features such as color correction, depth of field and focusing on the desired point. Also, there’s something more: you can change the direction of the wind and decorate the frame with a scattering of fireflies or falling leaves. In addition, you can select music from the soundtrack for the video mode.

Sucker Punch recommends playing Ghost of Tsushima with Japanese voicing to make it more authentic. In addition, the developers are big fans of samurai cinema, so they added black and white mode as if it was shot like an old film.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on July 17.

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