GTA V Is Free in the Epic Games Store

May 15, 2020

If you haven’t had time yet to buy the iconic Grand Theft Auto V, then you can get it for free in the Epic Games Store right now! This is the first such big handout in this store, so EGS services were down for some time after releasing the game for free on Thursday. You can pick up GTA V for free via this link.

GTA V will be available for free until May 21. As usual, if you add the game to your library, it will remain yours forever.


If you, by some miracle, escaped acquaintance with GTA V for more than six years, then we inform you that the game consists of two components: story mode and GTA Online. Single-player mode tells the story of three criminals — Trevor, Franklin and Michael — and their misadventures. The player is free to switch between the heroes and take on a variety of missions full of dark humor and a badass gangster plot.

In multiplayer, we create our own gangster and go to Los Santos. You can ride around the world in free mode or perform tasks earning experience and money. Both money and expirience are always useful — you can spend them on weapons, clothing, cars, and real estate. The exorbitant prices of luxury property encourages the purchase of currency for real money. Nevertheless, it is easy to accumulate the needed amount by just playing the game.

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