Halo 3 May Come to PC Soon

May 26, 2020

343 Industries has announced that public testing of Halo 3 on PC will start in the first half of June. Judging by the way the previous Halos have been tested, the full release of the third part may take place in July.

The first Halo from The Master Chief Collection for PC was sent to widely available beta testing in mid-February and the release took place on March 3. Halo 2 started beta testing on April 17 and the game fully launched on May 12.

The approximate period from public trials to release is two to four weeks. So, if Halo 3 reaches the beta stage in the first half of June, it will likely launch in early July (and if we’re lucky, it will launch in late June!). Of course, a lot depends on the results of the tests.


People who can access the beta version of the upcoming Halo are divided into four rings, from zero to third. The rings are mainly composed of employees of 343 Industries, selected partners and some particularly active users from Halo Insider. The larger the ring number, the wider the range of people taking the test.

According to 343 Industries, Halo 3 is now in the early stages of testing in its first ring.

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