Halo Infinite’s Training Mode Looks Amazing

September 21, 2021

This weekend, a few lucky Halo fans will experience the Halo Infinite beta test. That test will include limited matchmaking opportunities but unlimited access to the exciting new Training Mode.

To help players new and old learn the ropes of Halo Infinite, developer 343 Industries is including an Academy Mode. This mode is split into three parts: a Tutorial (to help introduce you to Halo basics and lore), Weapon Drills (to help you learn about different weapons), and Training Mode (letting you master multiplayer by tweaking settings and fighting bots).

The ambitious Training Mode has only grown during Halo Infinite’s development. In a September Halo Waypoint update, the team describes the evolution of this new mode. “Training Mode started as 1v1 Bot experience for players to warm up with more items from the Halo sandbox on our maps. It grew from there to provide a larger literal sandbox where players can experiment with their loadouts and a variety of Bot/player options,” according to developer David Ellis.

“Do you want to practice your sniper shots on Behemoth with unlimited ammo, zero risk of dying, and then swap to the Shock Rifle and add Bot teammates without reloading the map, playing in matchmaking or delving into Custom Games? You can do that with Training Mode.”


This mode opens up exciting ways to learn more about multiplayer gameplay, multiplayer maps, and the game’s dizzying array of weapons. And, interestingly, it looks like this mode may evolve even further after the game launches. “We’ve discussed ways we could give players more control over the difficulty of the Bots they fight against in Training Mode than we’re currently offering for launch,” said developer Sara Stern. 

“We’d love for players to be able to toggle off certain behaviors (such as grenade throwing) they didn’t necessarily want to deal with, or to combine the aspects of different difficulty levels to create a Bot experience that better fits their needs than our predefined difficulty levels.”

According to the devs, we may even see future intersections of Training Mode and the game’s multiplayer gameplay. In the meantime, players participating in the beta can check out Training Mode this weekend!

Are you excited about this new mode? Let us know in the comments!

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