Hideo Kojima Signs Letter of Intent With Microsoft

July 2, 2021

Hideo Kojima is the legendary gaming guru who has brought us hits ranging from Metal Gear Solid to Death Stranding. Now, Kojima has signed a letter of intent with Microsoft as the pivotal first step towards publishing his next project on Xbox.

It’s important to note that a letter of intent is not the same thing as a contract, and neither Kojima nor Microsoft has said anything about this deal so far. But if their respective lawyers can iron everything out, Xbox may be seeing an exclusive game from one of the most influential minds in the industry.


This information comes courtesy of a special report by GamesBeat. That same report claims that Kim Swift, a pro dev who has worked on hit titles like Portal and Left 4 Dead, is coming to Microsoft specifically to help Kojima make a cloud game. Swift worked on Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service, and Kojima has expressed previous interest in cloud gaming.

At this stage, however, what Kojima’s game actually will be is unknown. But this letter of intent is the first step in eventually transforming that idea into a reality. In the meantime, Sony fans can breathe a sigh of relief: the report claims that any deal Kojima reaches with Microsoft will not keep him from working on separate titles for Sony or any other publisher.



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