Horizon: Zero Dawn Sequels Rumored, Co-op Concept Art Leaks

April 24, 2020

Horizon: Zero Dawn was a financially successful PlayStation 4 exclusive: its circulation exceeded 10 million copies. According to the website Video Games Chronicle, Sony was so pleased with these results that they have approved the production of two more parts. In total, we can expect a Horizon trilogy.

As VGC writes, the developers have always wanted to turn Horizon into a series, so wrote a draft script for a few parts ahead. The development of Zero Dawn 2 began shortly after the release of the original. The sequel was first going to look at PS4, but now it’s completely moved to PlayStation 5.

According to VGC, Zero Dawn 2 will be “‘gigantic’ in scope”: the game world will become larger and provide players with more freedom to explore. Co-op is also going to be introduced in the sequel. We have no idea what it may look like at the moment. It can be either part of the main story campaign or a separate mode. What’s more, Guerrilla even considered releasing a separate cooperative demo with progress transferred to the full game.


Leaked Horizon Zero Dawn concept art showing co-op.

VGC tells us that Guerrilla was going to add co-op to Horizon a long time ago — when the first part was being created. Sony fully endorses this direction.

Perhaps Zero Dawn 2 will be announced along with the PlayStation 5 presentation. The event is expected to take place in May. There’s a chance we’ll see the PC version of the first Zero Dawn!

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