How Respawn Fought Over Star Wars Jedi: Faller Order With Lucasfilm

January 9, 2020

We all knew that EA and Respawn had a lot of troubles with the Star Wars franchise. Now, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order director Stig Asmussen has revealed details about the development and collaboration with Lucasfilm during AIAS Game Maker’s podcast this week.

Notably, Asmussen revealed Lucasfilm was resistant at first to his idea of using Jedi in the game. “What I came to learn is for them, Jedi is the Holy Grail. To make a game about Jedi, you gotta earn it. There was a little bit of a back and forth but they could see where I was coming from,” he said.

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This is quite understandable: the concept of Jedi is the most recognizable part of the franchise. When Asmussen pitched a game about Jedi and lightsabers, Lucasfilm suggested using bounty hunters and blasters instead. But that was not a concept Respawn was prepared for. “That’s not the background of the team we’ve built. You might as well ask me and us to start building a racing game at this point,” said Asmussen.


Lucasfilm finally agreed the game could be about a Force-user who is not a Jedi at the beginning. That is why Cal Kestis, the game’s protagonist, is a former Padawan and becomes a Jedi during the course of the game.

Despite this compromise, Lucasfilm said a “hard no” to some ideas, which frustrated the Respawn team. But Asmussen said he understood that Lucasfilm has final say, being the owner and controller of the Star Wars franchise. So after all, despite the “fights,” the collaboration between Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm was a success. Cal Ketis’ story can be proudly named one of the best Star Wars stories.

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