Improved Quick Resume Feature Coming to Xbox Series X|S

April 20, 2021

An improved version of the Quick Resume feature in the Xbox Series X|S is coming to the console.

Eden Marie, the engineering lead at Xbox, made the announcement on Twitter, telling followers that Xbox Insiders can now take advantage of some of the extra features.

Navigating to the Groups section of the Xbox dashboard will allow users to quickly see any titles that have Quick Resume save states and choose whether to delete them to make space for other games. The upgraded version of Quick Resume will also allow players to see which games are compatible with it.

Although the update is currently only available to testers, Microsoft usually releases new features and system improvements to Xbox Insiders a short time before they are ready for general release. So, players can expect to see the improved Quick Resume in the near future.

Quick Resume has been one of the most well-received elements of the Xbox Series X|S. It allows anyone to swap between various games and then quickly jump back into them at the same point they left.

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