Hitman 3 Season of Pride Roadmap Revealed in New Trailer

May 10, 2021

IO Interactive has detailed the content included in the upcoming Season of Pride, revealing what is included in the new DLC.

A video posted to YouTube by the developer gives some details about what fans can expect from the new season.

Releasing as part of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC for Hitman 3, the Season of Pride starts today and will provide players with a new Elusive Target to take down starting on May 12.


“We’re starting this one a little earlier than usual, but we’re also giving you longer to play it,” said IO Interactive. “For 12 days, you’ll have one chance to infiltrate Mendoza and eliminate The Iconoclast. Once you’ve updated the game, you’ll see the countdown clock for their exact arrival time already live in the game. We’ll double and triple check that they leave as planned, too.”

Featured Contracts, created by high-profile members of the community will also return, alongside extra weapons and gear. These include cosmetic items such as the Proud Swashbuckler, the Majestic, and the Narcissus Suit.

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