Keiichiro Toyama, Creator of Silent Hill, Is Working on New Horror Game

December 24, 2020

Developer Keiichiro Toyama has announced he is working on a new horror game with his newly formed team Bokeh Game Studio.

According to Toyama, who was speaking in an interview with IGN, the title will mix horror elements with the action-adventure genre. “If anything, this will be more of a horror-oriented game. But we will focus on making this a broader entertainment experience, rather than a hardcore horror game,” he said in the interview.


The project currently has no name and is not expected to release until 2023, suggesting that fans won’t get a glimpse of the game in action for some time. Especially as Toyama confirmed that the game is just entering its prototype stage now.

Toyama is best known for helping to create the Silent Hill Series alongside both Siren and Gravity Rush. He recently left Sony Japan to form Bokeh Game Studio with several other former PlayStation developers.

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