Leaks From the Epic Game Store Reveal Surprising Info About the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Alan Wake Remastered

June 18, 2021

Thanks to the website EpicData (which tracks info about the Epic Games Store database), we have learned about some surprising titles seemingly headed to PC. This includes the Final Fantasy 7 Remake (previously exclusive to PS4 and PS5) and a remastered version of Alan Wake.

It’s important to note that these database leaks are not official announcements, and they don’t come with any information about things like release dates. However, the exclusivity window for the Final Fantasy 7 remake has been extended to December. This means the title may come to PC in time for the holiday season, and like Kingdom Hearts before it, it will probably be an Epic Games Store exclusive for at least a few months.

Of course, most gamers expected that remake to head to other platforms eventually. What is more surprising from this leak is Alan Wake Remastered. Alan Wake dev Remedy is getting funding from Epic Games for their next game, and recent reports confirmed that title is Alan Wake 2. In that case, a remake of the first game on the Epic Games Store would be a logical way to build hype for the sequel while making some easy money from loyal fans of the franchise.


Again, it’s important to stress that these database leaks are nothing like an official announcement. But if they prove to be true, then Epic Games Store users have a lot to be excited about.

Which game are you more excited about: the FF7 Remake or Alan Wake Remastered? Let us know in the comments!



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