Live-Action Halo TV Series Reveals First Teaser

November 16, 2021

After years of anticipation and waiting, some fans have been wondering if we would ever see a live-action Master Chief. Now, Xbox’s 20th Anniversary Celebration livestream has given us our first real look at the upcoming Halo TV series.

The series in question will debut on the Paramount+ streaming service sometime in the first quarter of 2022. And in case you missed yesterday’s Xbox livestream, the show’s official Twitter account has shared the teaser for the Halo TV show:

What can we expect from the show? It will be nine episodes and serve as an adaptation of the Halo game series. But the teaser doesn’t really clarify whether this will adapt particular games or books, or perhaps just serve as an extended origin story for our favorite armored hero.


What we do know is that the show has a solid cast. Pablo Schreiber (best known for his work on American Gods) will play Master Chief, and Natascha McElhone (best known for her work on Californication) will play Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey.

Worried about who they might cast as Cortana? Don’t be: familiar Cortana voice actress Jen Taylor will portray Cortana on the show, giving a nice sense of continuity between the games and the series.

There is a lot to be hyped about here, but also some reason to be concerned. After all, showrunner Steven Kane has confirmed he won’t return for a second season. So even if fans love these first nine episodes, the future of the show may be very different.

Are you hyped for this show or not? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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