Map From Canceled Halo Online Game Coming to Halo 3

February 12, 2021

A canceled map from the ill-fated free-to-play game Halo Online is coming to Halo 3 as part of The Master Chief Collection.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have been updating Halo: The Master Chief Collection significantly over recent months and this is the latest move to expand the bundle to ensure it has all the content from the entire Halo saga.

343 Industries announced the inclusion of the map in a blog post on its site. However, no name was provided and there’s little detail about what’s included in the map other than the below screenshot. From what can be seen in the image, the map appears to be set in a UNSN facility in a frozen environment.


No specific release date was provided by the developer, so it is unclear when the map will be available to play. But the studio did confirm it would launch with an upcoming update.

Halo Online was a free-to-play game based on the same engine as Halo 3. It was only released in Russia but was shut down a short time later, leaving most players without a way to experience this unique map.

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