Marvel’s Avengers Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary by Giving Away Free Items

September 3, 2021

Marvel’s Avengers turns one year old this week. To celebrate, Square Enix has announced it is giving away several free in-game items, including a new Outfit, Nameplate, and Consumables.

From Sept. 2–9, players can grab the Anniversary Bundle in the Marketplace for free, featuring the following items:


  • Black Panther Nameplate 10
  • Two 2 hr. Hero Catalysts (2x XP)
  • Two 2 hr. Fragment Extractors (100% More Fragments)
  • Iron Man’s Iron Alloy Outfit

Square Enix also announced on its Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE blog that the following new Community Activities have been introduced into the game this week, through Sept. 16:

  • Cargo Runner Synthoid – It will have a 50% spawn chance for the duration of the event.
  • Priority Mission Rush – You can complete the weekly Priority Mission, which grants a piece of Exotic Gear, once per day instead of once per week, for the duration of the event.

Meanwhile, the featured item in the Marketplace this week is Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Outfit. In August, Marvel’s Avengers added its War for Wakanda expansion, featuring Black Panther as a playable character. The multi-hour story arc also features two new villains: Klaw and Crossbones.

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