Marvel’s Avengers Coming to Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow

September 29, 2021

Marvel’s Avengers has been a divisive title for both fans of Marvel properties and fans of looter shooters. Now, the title is going to be more accessible than ever before when it comes to Xbox Game Pass on Sept. 30.

Once this Crystal Dynamics game is on the Game Pass, anyone with a subscription will be able to play it on PC, Xbox, and the cloud.

Part of what makes Marvel’s Avengers coming to Game Pass so exciting is that previous content updates for the game come along with it. So even after players blast through the campaign and try the multiplayer on for size, they will be able to experience the new characters and story content from the Black Panther and Hawkeye expansions.


The timing of this Game Pass release is perfect for players who want to hit the ground running. The game will have a special event from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4 that offers quadruple experience points. That means you can level up your favorite heroes that much faster.

But the bigger question: will you stick around? Marvel’s Avengers has been bleeding players since the initial launch, and it remains to be seen if it has much of a future as a multiplayer title. However, the story content alone is worth it for Marvel fans, and those with Game Pass can now play it at no additional cost.

Will you be assembling the Avengers with this title when it launches on Game Pass tomorrow? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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