Marvel’s Avengers Patch 1.5 Will Let You Replay the Campaign

March 11, 2021

For many fans of Marvel’s Avengers, the campaign was the best part of the game. And the upcoming 1.5 patch on March 18 will allow players to replay that campaign while adding new characters and features.

While that is arguably the biggest feature of the next patch, it is not the only feature. This upcoming patch will also add Hawkeye as a playable character. No time like the present to brush up on this character before you check out the Hawkeye show premiering on Disney+ later this year.

If players choose to replay the campaign again, things won’t be entirely the same. You’ll actually retain your existing level and gear, which should make it easy to trounce some of the earlier foes in the game.

Other features of the update include a story for Hawkeye, a new villain, an additional biome, and more H.A.R.M. room customizability options. For existing fans of the game, there is a lot in this update to really sink their teeth into.


Aside from the update, the other big news for this game is that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will be getting their own dedicated versions of Marvel’s Avengers on the same date. Even better, players who already own the game for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will be able to upgrade for free.

That upgrade will bring enhanced graphics and the ability to return to the campaign mode will bring enhanced replayability. But it’s an open question whether these changes will be enough to give this struggling game the boost it so desperately needs.

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