Marvel’s Avengers Will Finally Let Missions Have Multiples of the Same Hero —With a Catch

March 19, 2021

Ever want to play Marvel’s Avengers with more than one Iron Man on the same team? You’ll soon be able to do just that. Marvel’s Avengers players will be able to play with multiples of the same character on missions. But there’s a catch — you can only do so during the Temporal Assault event that will launch this spring.

This news comes courtesy of Square Enix. In a post on their official site, the publisher wrote, “We’re happy to announce that during the Temporal Assault event, you’ll be able to play multiple of the same hero in the Avengers Initiative. If you’ve always wanted to see what a team of four Hulks is like, this event is for you!”

Players have been requesting the ability to play multiples of the same character since the game launched. However, this ability is limited to this event, presumably to provide a plausible reason for all the different variations of the same character to be running around at the same time.


What else can players expect during this event? There will be more Tachyon Rift missions. And they will scale from levels 1-100, meaning nobody will be too high or too low of a level to participate and score some exclusive loot.

There will also be a new Patrol Mode that allows you to enter Warzones and complete various objectives and quests without the need to load different parts of the mission to complete different challenges.

Will these changes be enough to keep playing or make you return to the game? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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