Michel Ancel, Creator of Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, Quits Game Industry

September 18, 2020

Cult French game-designer Michel Ancel unexpectedly announced the end of his career in the game industry. The reason is simple — he found a new hobby.

Ansel is primarily known as the author of the Rayman series and the original Beyond Good & Evil. He also worked on the interactive adaptation of “King Kong” by Peter Jackson — the game received a warm welcome from critics and players.

After the release of Rayman Legends, Ansel worked on two ambitious projects at once — WiLD for Sony and Beyond Good & Evil 2 for Ubisoft. According to him, both games are in good hands. Their development is going very well. Soon we’ll see the results of the past years of work.


Now Ancel will be studying wild life all over the world — watching and studying nature and animals.

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