Microsoft Asks Players if They Want Dualsense Features in Xbox Series X Controller

January 6, 2021

Microsoft has begun asking Xbox Series X|S users whether they want to see DualSense features in the latest Xbox controller.

In a survey sent out to Xbox players, the software giant attempted to see what type of demand there was for things such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The questionnaire specifically referred to the PS5’s controller and whether it had any features that Xbox users want to see.

The survey also probed customers who have recently bought the Xbox Series X|S whether the hardware “feels next-gen” according to TechRadar.


Microsoft chose not to change the Xbox controller signifcantly when it launched its latest console. Instead, the design has been improved slightly and seen the addition of a share button to allow users to quickly record screenshots and gameplay footage.

However, it lacks some of the more advanced features of Sony’s DualSense gamepad. The PS5 controller has been widely praised for allowing for more immersive gameplay experiences.

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