More Christmas Presents: Black Mesa With Xen Is out in Early Access

December 24, 2019

Black Mesa is a fan-made remake of the original Half Life (1998) using the Source engine. It was officially released as a modification in 2012 and hit Early Access as a full game in 2015. Unfortunately, the final chapters were not finished till this moment. The remake ended right when Gordon Freeman was on his way to Xen, a second important world in the game. We were promised to get Xen for a very long time (since summer 2017) but we only got some improvements for the first part of remake instead.

Well, actually no one can complain: the developers didn’t waste time and made huge changes in the original walkthrough. Some levels were cut, some, on the contrary, have been varied and lengthened. Almost all game models have been redesigned and improved. Even the storyline was a little bit fixed.


Now we can go through the complete adventure because Xen has finally been added: it’s much more beautiful, a little bit bigger than the original, and absolutely exciting. Have you ever seen a Zombie in an HEV costume? You definitely will!

The game is still in Early Access. The developers want to gather community feedback, fix minor bugs, and add something again. We don’t know when we will see the complete remake with finished AI, all achievements, along with the workshop. Anyway, this is still very good news: the beloved Half Life is back for an extra 15 hours with significant improvements and ton of love for its fanbase.

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