Naughty Dog Apologizes, Admits The Last of Us Part II Trailer Used Song Without Credit

June 10, 2020

When Sony released a TV trailer for The Last of Us Part II last week, there was a small scandal: singer Lotte Kestner thought that the creators of the trailer used her cover version for the song “True Faith” (originally written by New Order), but did not indicate the authorship.

So, Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann admitted it Tuesday on Twitter. “Ellie’s rendition of ‘True Faith’ was inspired by Lotte Kestner’s haunting cover of the song. Due to an oversight on our end, she wasn’t credited as intended,” he wrote.

Druckmann formally apologized and added that they “are rectifying this ASAP. We hope that @lottekestner receives the recognition she deserves.”

Lotte Kestner accepted his apology in a reconciliation tweet, saying, “So proud this music has found a home in such an amazing project. Thanks to Neil, Naughty Dog and everyone at Sony.”

Now, the video description for “The Last of Us Part II – Official Extended Commercial” on YouTube credits Kestner and contains a link to her Bandcamp page: “This rendition of “True Faith” was inspired by Lotte Kestner’s haunting cover of the same song.”

You can listen to the Lotte Kestner’s original cover version here.

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