New Details of Resident Evil 3 Remake Revealed

January 11, 2020

PlayStation Magazine UK has revealed some new details about the Resident Evil 3 Remake releasing on April 3, 2020. Here is a summary of the new revelations.

Nemesis will be smarter and more stubborn. Whereas the original RE 3 let him appear only in special places, this time he can follow you anywhere in the city. He will be even smarter than Mr. X from RE 2 Remake.

The sound design is improved: now it will be possible to predict Nemesis’s appearance based on the sound. This should help players survive in open locations. 

The Mercenaries mode has been replaced by Resistance mode.


There are no new endings; you cannot affect the sequence of the game with your choices like it was in the original game.

Carlos Oliveira is a playable character and his role is expanded.

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