New Ghost of Tsushima Details Revealed in Official PlayStation Magazine

April 13, 2020

It’s not that Sucker Punch Studio is generous with Ghost of Tsushima details, but some fresh info can be found in the May issue of Official PlayStation Magazine. Reddit users have already found it and published it online.

An important part of Ghost of Tsushima is free exploration of the game world. The creators rely on realism. There will be no markers indicating where to go next — you have to navigate the island yourself, using the environment and your knowledge of the Japanese land. You will also know how long it has been since the enemy invasion began.

All fights with enemies are very rapid whether you are fighting face-to-face or cutting out enemies in stealth mode. Iaijutsu martial arts techniques, grappling hooks, and consumables such as sticky bombs and fire arrows will help you to fight the invaders.


The developers paid special attention to the relationship with allies. Comrades have different reactions toward your actions. For example, you can argue with some of them so hard that the dispute will have to be settled with swords. The protagonist of the game will be tormented by moral dilemmas.

If the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t interfere with the developers’ plans, then Ghost of Tsushima will appear on June 26 on PlayStation 4.

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