New Pokémon Snap Game to Launch in April

January 14, 2021

Nintendo has officially revealed that New Pokémon Snap is launching in April on Nintendo Switch.

The game, which is a reboot of the popular Nintendo 64 title that released in 1999, is set to hit store shelves on April 30. It will also include a collection of over 200 Pokémon for players to capture on camera.

A trailer that was released at the same time as the announcement also gives fans a glimpse of what they can expect from New Pokémon Snap. Players will help Professor Mirror explore a previously unseen region of the in-game world called Lental.

Here, Pokémon are being affected by something known as the Illumina phenomenon that causes them to glow in a strange color. Along with the professor, players have to snap the strange behavior and investigate what is causing it.

The trailer also shows off some of the Pokémon that are included in the title. These include old favorites from the original release alongside a wide range of creatures from the more recent generations.

2021 could be a big year for the Pokémon franchise as it marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the first games in the series. Nintendo has already announced a musical celebration headlined by Katy Perry, while there are also rumors of a Pokémon Direct that could take place in February.

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