Nier Replicant Trailer: New Dungeon, Weapons, Costumes and More

April 19, 2021

Thanks to Square Enix and Toylogic, we have a hot new trailer for Nier Replicant. And this trailer has revealed exciting content for fans, including a new dungeon, new costumes, and brand-new weapons.

This game looks to have something for everyone. As a remake of the original game, this game has never looked better. And the trailer confirms that this title is getting some content that never made it into the original game.

In some ways, the remake is more streamlined. For example, you can now play the difficult “15 Nightmares” dungeon as part of the main game instead of DLC as it was originally released. The incentive to beat this tough dungeon is that you will unlock some fun costumes (Kabuki and Samurai, specifically) and some “new” weapons (some of which will be familiar to franchise veterans).


Players will also get a new “Mermaid” episode that focuses on a wrecked ship, a stranded girl, and an unkillable Shade. If you get tired of the new content, you can always kick back and listen to the music: Nier Replicant comes with a copy of the killer soundtrack from the sequel game Nier: Automata.

If you’re ready to play, keep in mind that Japan and Asia will get the title one day early, on April 22. The rest of us can play this game (available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One) on April 23.



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