Nioh 2: Story Trailer Reveals New Plot Details

January 25, 2020

A new Nioh 2 trailer reveals intriguing details about the plot. It’s 1555 A.D. in Japan, and war doesn’t seem to have an end. Evil spirits, Yokai, are unstoppable.

And then we meet our protagonist: a rogue mercenary who is hunting down Yokai and hides a big secret: he’s a half-breed orphan with both human and Yokai blood. So, he travels alone because no one can stand so much demon drama.


One day he loses the control of his demonic side, but a wandering merchant gives him “Spirit Stones,” which help him regain control.

So, we are going to find more of those stones and reveal their power. Sounds like an interesting adventure! The game is out on March 3 and will be the prequel of the original Nioh (2017).

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