Oops: Doom Eternal Released on Bethesda Without Denuvo DRM

March 20, 2020

The wait is over: DOOM Eternal was released today. The game came out on two key PC platforms, Steam and Bethesda.net. As Reddit users found out, there is an “exclusive” version for Bethesda.net — an executable file without DRM!

The game is protected by Denuvo DRM system on both PC platforms. However, there is an additional folder called “original”  in the DOOM Eternal folder for Bethesda.net.and DOOMEternalx64vk.exe file inside. 


The difference between files is size. The main .EXE file is 369 MB and the one in the “original” folder is 67 MB — most likely because there’s no Denuvo. You can just drag and drop it to the place of the main file and run DOOM Eternal without DRM. In this case, you’ll only need to login to Bethesda.net through the game itself. Reddit users have tried the “crack” from Bethesda and Eternal really works with it.

Let’s remember that a similar story happened with Rage 2 last year: it was also released on Bethesda.net without Denuvo, so the game instantly leaked on torrents. Commentators jokingly call Bethesda the coolest release group. The company has already released a patch for DOOM Eternal which removes the “original” folder with the DRM-free .EXE file inside.

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March 20, 2020

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