Othercide Reveal Trailer Released

February 22, 2020

PAX East hasn’t even begun, and we’re already getting some interesting news. Focus Home Interactive has released the reveal trailer for the upcoming tactical strategy game Othercide. The game has been called a cross between XCOM and Dark Souls, and according to the trailer, it is truly something like that.

Do you like creepy, dark fantasy settings where everyone (including the player and community) suffers from something that came out of nowhere? If yes, so you should like Othercide. Its plot is simple: there is a mysterious Suffering spreading across the City and awful creatures from Silent Hill and Evil Within are coming to eat us alive. The only hope is an army of Daughters, heirs to the greatest warrior ever.

Why is it great? First, look at the screenshots in the slideshow below. This monochrome color scheme with bloody scarlet inclusions looks like This War of Mine got a huge fantasy update or something like that. It’s really beautiful.


Plus, Othercide’s gameplay is a dynamic timeline system that allows you to plan forwards and build impressive sequences of actions and counterstrokes. Each boss comes from Suffering, embodies the worst crimes of humanity, and conceals pieces of the tragic story of Mother.

My favorite part is that choices during the game have consequences and per the developer’s description, it’s not just a different ending. Sooner or later, gamers are going to face a tough choice of which Daughter to kill in order to save the others. Skills of fighters depend on the memories found, strength grows with each battle, and characters change during walkthrough.

Othercide will be released in summer 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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