Persona 4 Golden Sets Record for Most Concurrent Players for a Non-MMO JRPG in Steam

June 15, 2020

The Persona series came to PC for the first time last week when Persona 4 Golden launched in Steam. Previously the game was only available on PlayStation Vita. It is doing great: it got a lot of positive reviews and has set a new record in Steam.

A user post on ResetEra notes that P4G has the highest number of simultaneous players among non-MMO JRPGs in Steam — 29,984 people at peak. Its place in the overall standings depends on which games you rank in the genre. For example, the JRPG tag in Steam includes Code Vein and Final Fantasy XIV, both of which had higher simultaneous online scores than P4G.


But if we narrow it down to more or less classic JRPGs, P4G’s peak is the highest in the history of Steam. For example, Atlus’s creation overtook a giant such as as Final Fantasy XV. The best achievement of the last FF game is 29,279 people at once.

Steam users welcomed P4G with open arms: at the moment of writing, the game is in the first place among sales leaders all over the world, and its score from gamers is 96% (“extremely positive” based on 6,337 reviews). Thanks to these reviews, P4G is now ranked 165th in the list of 250 most highly rated games in Steam.

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