PlayStation 5 Now Supports External Storage Thank to New Update

April 14, 2021

Sony has added support for external storage on the PlayStation 5 as part of a new update for the console.

The move means that players no longer have to rely on the internal hard drive to store all their games. However, like the Xbox Series X|S solution, there are some caveats.

Users won’t be able to play PS5 games that are stored on an external hard drive or SSD. Instead, the system allows for titles to be essentially archived on a different storage device to make room for additional games. Players can then transfer any data back over without having to re-download the software.


Sony has reiterated that it is working on a solution to allow users to expand the internal storage of the PS5 via M.2 drives. These will support playback of games without the software having to be directly on the PS5’s own internal SSD.

The update also makes a number of changes to the social aspects of the console. New options include the ability to join friends playing on PS4 from the dashboard, a Share Play feature that allows remote play, and a zoom feature so that users can magnify the screen.

The latest update should go live for most players on April 14.

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