PlayStation 5’s Major September Update Goes Live Tomorrow

September 14, 2021

Sony has been beta testing a major September update for the PlayStation5. And now they have officially scheduled that update to go live for everyone on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Since the console launched last November, it has only received one previous update. And this update is going to have many more features that players have been asking for.

For example, the console will finally have M.2 SSD support for storage expansion. This means you can supplement the console’s internal storage space by purchasing a Gen 4 NVME SSD for the system’s dedicated slot. This is important because players can now install games to this external storage, something they could not previously do with other USB storage solutions.


Audiophiles will love that the update includes 3D audio support for your TV’s speakers. Now, you won’t have to rock some headphones to enjoy this awesome feature.

Many of the other updates are designed to make using the system more convenient for players. In the Game Center, you will now be able to hide and rearrange icons as you see fit. The Game Center will also now include a convenient Trophy Tracker. And if you have both PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game installed, a new tile design will help you determine which is which.

Are you hyped about this update, or are you still waiting to find a PS5 you can buy? Let us know in the comments!

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