PlayStation Spartacus Subscription Service Details Revealed

February 25, 2022

Microsoft has had immense success with its Game Pass service, and Sony wants to get in on the action with their own subscription service. We now have tentative details about pricing and game availability for their service, codenamed Spartacus.

This information comes to us courtesy of VentureBeat. According to the gaming outlet, Spartacus is going to have three different tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. We have the details on each below, but keep in mind that everything from the pricing to the names of these tiers is subject to change.

The first tier, Essential, costs players $10 a month. It will offer a few select games in each month similar to PlayStation Plus.

The second tier, Extra, costs players $13, and it adds a larger catalog of PlayStation games (similar to PlayStation Now) on top of the Essential titles.


The third and final tier is Premium, which costs players $16, and includes the previous game selection as well as a selection of streaming games via PlayStation Now, “classic” games, and special “game trials.”

Spartacus will be entered into a test phase within the next few weeks and the project should be formally announced in March. But we still don’t know what the release date will be or if this new service will actually be able to compete with Microsoft’s robust Game Pass.

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