Possible Resident Evil 8 Details Have Leaked

January 28, 2020

Well, new day — new leaks about Resident Evil! This time rumors are spreading about Resident Evil 8. The following information was originally posted on Biohazard Declassified, the biggest website for the Resident Evil community. None of this information is confirmed, so please take it as a giant rumor for now.

According to the anonymous source, the main protagonist is going to be Ethan Winters, the guy from RE7. First person gameplay is still on; we will see the story from Ethan’s eyes. He will start his journey in the village and then reach the castle. There will be a rural environment with snow and mountains. Regular zombies are going to return; also some wolf-like creatures should deal some discomfort in certain areas. Also, some mysterious female shadow enemy will follow Ethan, but dissipate after getting shot. Chris Redfield is going to appear as well.

Take it with a grain of salt, but this rumor sounds believable: such familiar details as creatures following you through the game, or wolf-like creatures — can you remember a Resident Evil game without scary as hell infected dogs?

What’s your guess on the new Resident Evil?

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