Prince of Persia 6 Domain Is Registered

May 5, 2020

Prince of Persia is one of the most long-awaited Ubisoft franchises. The last game, Forgotten Sands, was released 10 years ago and became some kind of a nail in the franchise’s coffin lid. Today, a ray of hope has appeared: someone has registered the new domain

Judging by information from the domain name registration company Gandi, the page is located on servers. This means that it wasn’t made by cybersquatters or trolls. Of course, sometimes the companies can register a few names for several games in advance, but not this time — the address remains free.

Ubisoft has five main Prince of Persia games and number six perfectly fits to it. Previously, the company released five main parts of the game: the Sands of Time trilogy, the 2008 reboot and The Forgotten Sands (which is basically a midquel for the SoT trilogy).

However, the next game is unlikely to be named Prince of Persia 6. Maybe it won’t come out at all and Ubisoft is messing with domains just in case. In 2018, Ubisoft Montréal tweeted that Prince of Persia is “on pause,” and Jordan Mechner, the father of franchise, added that they were “doing our best” to breathe new life into the prince.


Anyway, we are close to a few big online events like Xbox Inside on May 7 or IGN’s Summer of Gaming event this June. There’s a chance that the Prince of Persia franchise could be revived for the next generation of consoles.

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