PUBG Gets a New Pseudo-Documentary Plot Video

May 7, 2020

For some time now, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has had a story. The developers submit it in portions and publish videos about the game’s lore season after season. For example, now you can watch a pseudo-documentary and learn about the tragic events on Vikendi Island.

The premise of the video is this: back in the 1990s, someone hid and classified a show called “Mysteries Unknown.” It talked about Dinoland, a popular amusement park on Vikendi. It was founded by the respected billionaire Karl-Johan Lindh in the 1970s. Things changed sharply when the park’s mascot dinosaur Alex was hit by a train.


The dinosaur was named after Lindh‘s son. Lindh Jr. himself stood out for his eccentric behavior — the public did not like him. Apparently, he is the one behind the massacres that are happening on Vikendi in the modern realities of PUBG.

This plot video is part of PUBG’s seventh season where developers introduced a redesigned Vikendi map.

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