Resident Evil 8 Spoilers Leak in the Latest Development from Ransomware Attack

December 14, 2020

Capcom has suffered another high-profile leak, with details of the publisher’s upcoming game Resident Evil 8 being revealed online over the weekend.

New screenshots and story details have been posted to various sites, spoiling much of the plot of the title. These leaks have also made their way to social media sites such as Twitter, where they are being shared freely.


This is the latest in a series of damaging leaks that have targeted Capcom and its various development studios. In November, it emerged that the company had been attacked by a ransomware group, with the hackers later detailing the entire release schedule of the publisher up until 2024. This latest leak is assumed to be information that was obtained in the ransomware attack.

The illegal posts may also have made private information from employees, such as names and addresses, available to the public. The company has been liasing with law enforcement agencies over the last few weeks to try and bring the hackers to justice.

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